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instant messaging web application

phpsunchat is the best instant messaging web application which lets webmasters create there own text chat rooms and lets there visitors communicate with each other.

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website : http://www.phpsunchat.com

Free Text Chat Room Script in Php/Mysql (ajax/jquery)

If you are looking for free text chat room script then phpsunchat is the best chat script for you which is free to use for 30 days and if you like it then you can purchase its license.

Phpsunchat is written in php/mysql and uses ajax and jquery for making instant chatting on the web.

Phpsunchat requirements are only php/mysql and you can install phpsunchat on shared hosting server or any server which supports php/mysql language.

Phpsunchat offers special discount and special offers from facebook and from live chat so you can start doing live chat with them to get special offers right now.

visit www.phpsunchat.com to download free text chat room script and use it free for 30 days.

free text chat room script
text chat room script


Phpsunchat Blogging From Phpsunchat.com

Phpsunchat Blogging will keep you updated with latest trends and techniques of Phpsunchat instant message chatrooms script and Phpsunchat features and stability and performance.

Phpsunchat is text and audio and video chat rooms script in php/mysql.

Phpsunchat is available free to download for 30 days after which you must either buy Phpsunchat or destroy copy of Phpsunchat from your server.

Phpsunchat holds 100% rights to Phpsunchat.com and Phpsunchat all source code and services.